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Discover & Reduce your Attack Surface

With SwordEye Attack Surface Monitoring, constantly monitor your external threats, vulnerabilities and misconfigured systems with an attacker's eye. See all solution suggestions. Also, monitor your vulnerabilities regularly with the unique risk scoring system.

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See your unknown exposed digital assets

Traditional cybersecurity solutions are essential for discovery, access and vulnerability controls of your known digital assets. All software and hardware installed in-house help you to prevent threats from outside, ensure security, show you the places where vulnerabilities may occur, and help you take action.


Monitor your cybersecurity risk score with SwordEye

Manual Tracking of Digital Assets

Knowing and tracking the status of your digital assets that are open to the internet without automated methods is a difficult and time-consuming process. With SwordEye Attack Surface Monitoring, you can automatically monitor all your digital assets remotely. Image Image

Vulnerabilities and Software Versions...

You can receive instant notifications to be informed about new vulnerabilities, software lifetime versions (EoL), external threats, newly opened domain names that will be of interest to you or your sub-company. Image Image

Risk Scoring

You can learn questions such as which vulnerabilities are priority, which cybersecurity categories you lack, and you can instantly access the details thanks to our unique cyber security risk scoring algorithm. You will also have access to all vulnerability solution suggestions and vulnerability guide information. Image Image

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management

With a one-time penetration test service and vulnerability scanning products, you will only be aware of security threats that are exposed at that moment. In order to perform periodic security tests, you need to get information about the status of all your digital assets. Monitoring your surface open to the Internet like an attacker will make all these processes safe and easy, and you will have the chance to monitor your systems regularly. Image Image


Attackers need constantly monitor a system to take over.

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With SwordEye Attack Surface Monitoring, you can see your risk score by regularly monitoring your cyber risks, not just once. At the same time, you will be instantly informed about external threats such as the latest vulnerabilities, software lifetime versions (EoL), and the latest status of your digital assets.


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