Protect and Monitor your Digital Assets on Telecom

Telecom sector is growing rapidly with the development of new technologies. Telecom companies build, control and operate critical infrastructures to meet our communication needs.

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Monitor and Manage your Attack Surface

A large amount of data is transmitted and stored in these critical infrastructures. In addition, operator companies attract the attention of malicious people because they are directly related to more than one institution and organization. The risk of cyber attack is among the most dangerous risks that communication operator companies can face. A cyber attack on critical infrastructures can be aimed directly at accessing the company's infrastructure and data, or it can indirectly target the company's customers.

Use Cases

The Cyber Risks of your business partners or vendors are your own risk.

Monitor, manage and analyze your cyber risks on a regular basis.

Simply ensuring your company's cybersecurity would reduce cybersecurity risks. Not so anymore...

Know your Third Party Risk Management

Identify and Remediate Risks

Discover your Unknown Assets
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