Protect the Patient Health Data

When an institution in the healthcare industry is cyber-attacked, the consequences can be disastrous for patients' health, beyond financial and reputational losses.

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Discover and Monitor IoT and health systems

As a result of the digital transformation in the health sector, IoT medical device opportunities, remote access and data sharing opportunities have expanded. While all these developments benefit patients and healthcare providers, they have created new vulnerabilities in cybersecurity. Stolen medical record data can find buyers on the deep and dark web at much higher prices than stolen credit cards. Health data was breached, affecting 24 million people in 2020, and healthcare providers were heavily fined.

Use Cases

The Cyber Risks of your business partners or vendors are your own risk.

Monitor, manage and analyze your cyber risks on a regular basis.

Simply ensuring your company's cybersecurity would reduce cybersecurity risks. Not so anymore...

Know your Third Party Risk Management

Identify and Remediate Risks

Discover your Unknown Assets
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