Continuous Monitoring

Attackers constantly monitor a system to take over.

With SwordEye Attack Surface Monitoring, you can see your risk score by regularly monitoring your cyber risks, not just once. At the same time, you will be instantly informed about external threats such as the latest vulnerabilities, software lifetime versions (EoL), and the latest status of your digital assets.

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A one-time cybersecurity analysis is not enough to reduce risk.

Traditional cybersecurity solutions are essential for discovery, access and vulnerability controls of your known digital assets. All software and hardware installed in-house help you to prevent threats from outside, ensure security, show you the places where vulnerabilities may occur, and help you take action.


Reduce your cyber risks by monitoring regularly.

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Regular and continuous monitoring of your digital assets with SwordEye will help reduce your cyber security risks. It will ease the processes of people working in IT and Security units, and will also make continuous monitoring of certain threat models and methodologies included in the MITRE ATT&CK® Matrix for businesses.

Continuous Monitoring

Collecting, correlating, and analyzing security-related information

Source: 2011 Nist

Cyber Security Risks

Exposed Assets Discovery

Most cyber attackers constantly monitor vulnerabilities, software lifetime versions, and internet-facing digital assets at targets. It takes advantage of the mistakes and misconfigurations of the software and security team, causing information leaks and reputation losses by hijacking systems. In order to minimize your cyber security risks, you must constantly monitor your organizations, institutions and business partners

Other Use Cases

The Cyber Risks of your business partners or vendors are your own risk.

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