SWORDEYE FOR Retail & eCommerce

Protect your brand reputation

In case of a cyber attack, the personal and financial information of the customers is violated as well as the brand reputation of the company is damaged. Protect customer data and brand reputation with SwordEye.

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Continuously monitor your digital asset.

With the increase in internet usage, developing logistics infrastructure systems and the development of payment services in recent years, the e-commerce sector has reached trillions of dollars. It is the first target of malicious people in a market of this size. While retail and e-commerce companies focus on increasing their sales, they can give a lot of deficit to the issue of cyber security. More than 50% of global retailers have been breached in recent years.

Use Cases

The Cyber Risks of your business partners or vendors are your own risk.

Monitor, manage and analyze your cyber risks on a regular basis.

Simply ensuring your company's cybersecurity would reduce cybersecurity risks. Not so anymore...

Know your Third Party Risk Management

Identify and Remediate Risks

Discover your Unknown Assets
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