About us
What is SwordEye? Learn about us.
Cyber Security Research and Development Company

SwordEye is an attack surface analysis product that collects and stores digital assets exposed to the Internet using OSINT techniques.

What do we scan?

We crawl, classify and index all public IPv4(2^32) space, fDNS, million web pages, SSL certificates, and more.


Because, attackers don't focus on the main target first, they focus on their connections. You can explore your attack surface on the main page.

Data Sources?

We collect and index billions of digital assets from public sources.

Risk Score?

We do not yet display the risk score in the free module. We offer this module in Attack Surface Monitoring product.

Risk Score Algorithm?

We will soon publish our risk scoring techniques and metrics transparently.


Digital Asset Search module is free for now. Attack Surface Monitoring product is a paid product.


Coming Soon.